Welcome to Aylesbury Malayali Samajam

“We must become the change we want to see” – M.K.Gandhi

We represent Malayalee (also spelled Malayali; Malayalam: മലയാളി, Malayāḷi; another equivalent is Keralite), it's a term used to refer to the native speakers of Malayalam, originating from the Indian state of Kerala. While the origins of the Malayalee people are in the state of Kerala, significant populations also exist in other parts of India, the Middle East, Europe and North America.

We as Malayalees living in United Kingdom, people who are keeping their tradition, Heritage and culture transferred from our ancestors. “Nalikerathinte Nattilenikkoru - Evergreen Malayalam Song wrote by P Bhaskaran and sung by K J Yesudas in 1970. Wherever Malayali's live, no matter they still have a special love and passion towards their home land and to have a tendency to celebrate their traditional festivals.Kerala is affectionately called as 'Gods Own Country'.Our regards and thanks to all Malayalee people who ever living around the world.

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