Aylesbury Malayali Samajam

Aylesbury Malayali Samajam (AMS) is a non-profit making, cultural organisation, formed in July 2012. It is a voluntary organisation of the people of Kerala who reside in Aylesbury and nearby areas. At present, at least 60 families hailing from Kerala are believed to be living in and around Aylesbury. It is the aim of this organisation to bring together each family living in this part of the world. AMS intend to organise a variety of social and cultural events, involving families from the Aylesbury area. AMS alsp emphasizes the aim of preserving and promoting the moral, social cultural, educational, literary and artistic heritage of the Indian communinty in Aylesbury.

Kerala - The God's Own Country

Kerala is a union state located in the south western part of India. With an Arabian sea coastline on the west, it is bordered on the north by Karnataka and by Tamil Nadu on the south and east. Major cities are Thiruvananthapuram ( The capital ),Cochi and Kozhikode. The principal spoken language is Malayalam. Total population is 32 million. Kerala is one among the most literate states (100%) in India. The professionals of Kerala are the most wanted experts in the fields of Medicine, Information Technology etc. In more modern times the Keralites have migrated in large numbers in search of employement to Europe and the United States.